Deep Cleaning

DEEP CLEANING – What’s that for?

When we use the words “deep cleaning” to describe one of our services, clients usually find it exaggerated. It gives the feeling of almost a home makeover. Fortunately, that is not the case. Deep cleaning is a monthly must for every facility, business office or household.

In a short description of the ultimate cleaning plan, deep cleaning comes in third place.

First, there is the daily cleaning, which is the routine work. Doing the dishes, emptying the trash, wiping the kitchen counters, etc.

Second, there is the weekly cleaning which includes more targeted goals. Dusting the shelves and closets, vacuuming or mopping the floor, doing the laundry, cleaning the toilet, etc.

Third, comes the deep cleaning which is recommended to be done every month. It includes the full cleaning of the bathroom including the inside of the closets, full cleaning of the kitchen including the appliances frequently used and the pantry shelves. As well as the full cleaning of the living rooms and bedrooms without dusting the shelves and cleaning the insides of the closets.

So actually, deep cleaning is not a home makeover, but it is a crucial step to take especially if there are children in the house. It keeps your home germs free, dust free, and kids safe!

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